Kirin Ichiban

Kirin is a legendary Japanese beer company established in 1885 and has a rich and exciting history in Japan and abroad. 

Art Direction + Lead Design
Creative Director – Elaine Andrade

To define the mood / mindset for Kirin's sense of adventure from specific occasion to specific mindset. Develop a branding through an exciting and adventurous lens to match their "Ride the Beast" messaging.

Using elements from Kirin Ichiban's iconic logo, I repurposed the parts to create adventurous landscapes in a modern aesthetic. The goal was do differentiate Kirin among other Japanese beers and give it an adventurous style it can own. The results were a unique system for compositions to freely come together being active, coloroful, and artful.

kirin 2
Kirin sq 1 copy 2
Kirin Street Poster
kirin 2 copy

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