SQSP Instagram


Squarespace Instagram 

When we launched Squarespace’s new branding, a major part of it was the complete overhaul of our Instagram. We archived all the content we had posted over the years, and started with a blank feed.


Design Director: Donovan Mafnas
CCO: David Lee
Creative Director: Ben Hughes
Designers: Megan Eckersley, Joyce Kim
Photography: Craig Reynolds
Motion: Drake Miller
Production: Sally Symons


We had a lot of goals for our social feed and internally concepted for months on how to get there. Goals were to diversify original content to reach a wider audience, demonstrate the power of the brand’s new look and feel, become a source of education that stretches beyond use of our product, humanize our organization so our product can feel more approachable, critically examine design and culture, create content specifically catered towards the Instagram platform and behaviors, and to define categories/value pillars that we want to address within our channels.

We organized this through developing 4 internal content categories to create Instagram ‘shows’. Those were:
Flagship – Corporate communications: product announcements, event announcements, campaigns, partnerships, recruiting, etc.
Education – Guidance on SQSP products, building businesses, creating brand value, and making informative design decisions.
Culture Commentary and critique of the arts and sciences.
Customer – Highlight users from our diverse community to create connections and increase chances of discovery.


Focal Point.png
Focal Point2.png